Myth about Surrogacy

Myth 1: The surrogate can disappear with your baby.



  • The surrogate doesn’t get to see the baby or touch at birth.
  • These women already have kids of their own and are aware they are not related to the babies.
  • They are not ready for an additional child
  • There is a signed legal agreement that names the couple as the parents
  • There are proper documentation and tracing of surrogate


Myth #2 The child will look like my surrogate.

The baby is not genetically related to the surrogates, what we offer is gestational surrogacy, were eggs are either gotten from the woman (intended mother) or an egg donor donate eggs that is fertilized with the partner’s sperm and transferred to a, there is no genetic resemblance.


Myth # 3: The surrogate will know my identity

  • There will be no link or physical contact between you and the surrogate.
  • At Newlife we guarantee client confidentiality.
  • The surrogate does not know the name of their intended Parent; we relate on your behalf.

MYTH 3: I Won’t be able to bond with my baby.


Research has shown that bonding with your baby starts when you see your baby.

  • At Newlife conceptual limited, we prepare the intended parent by sending pictures and video recording of their baby during a scan. We capture the heartbeat, movement of the baby.
  • the baby is room in with the couple immediately he/she is born. Moreover, who can resist a beautiful baby, staring at you with those beautiful eyes, asking to be loved, held, cuddled kissed and cared for, we are yet to find that


Myth 4: Surrogacy is just like adoption.

Surrogacy is not adoption. In surrogacy agreements, the woman acting as the surrogate is going into the agreement solely with the intent to carry a child for a person or couple who cannot on their own. She is not pregnant of her own accord and adopting out her child. The child she is carrying is genetically related to the couple and if not the source of the egg is via an Egg donor, whose details are known.


Myth 5: Surrogacy is about designer babies, and if they don’t get what they want, e.g. a girl, they’ll ask the surrogate to terminate.

Surrogacy is about creating a family–not a certain look or gender for a child. Would some families like to have a boy instead of a girl, or vice versa? Yes, but so do most families who have no fertility issues. If a specific gender is wanted by a parent or parents, there are tests they can, and likely will,

take in order to determine the gender of the embryos prior to the surrogate’s transfer or SPERM SORTING. Also, asking a surrogate to terminate for non-medical reasons is nearly unheard of, and will not even be placed in the contracts. Above all else, the INTENDED PARENT (s) want a family

Myth 6: Surrogates have to sleep with the Intended Father.

Absolutely not! We offer Gestational Surrogacy, where the surrogate undergoes standard in-vitro fertilization or IVF procedures. This occurs by eggs being retrieved from an Intended Mother, or Egg Donor, while sperm is retrieved from the Intended Father and the eggs are fertilized in a laboratory completely outside of a human body. The transfer is where the embryo(s) are then placed inside the surrogate. No egg is retrieved from the surrogate.

Myth 7: Surrogacy is for the Rich only

Everyone deserves a Child(ren). they are not a status thing; it is God’s gift to everyone on earth. We understand the importance of children, hence NEWLIFE CONCEPTUAL LIMITED Offers affordable surrogacy and it also comes with an instalment package. We will be with you every step of the way.

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