Who is a surrogate?

A surrogate is a woman who carries and gives birth to a child or children so that someone else can become a parent. In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate is impregnated with an embryo to whom she is not biologically related and carries the baby to birth. The embryo may be created via egg or sperm donation or using the sperm or egg of the child’s intended father and/or mother.

We at Newlife Conceptual Limited match qualified surrogates willing to provide this service with loving intended parents who desire to have a child or children of their own. We offer both surrogate and intended parents our full support and guidance throughout the fertilization and birth process.

Are you a good candidate to be a surrogate?

At Newlife Conceptual Limited , we are committed to ensuring, to the best of our ability, the health, safety and well being of everyone involved in a surrogate birth: the baby or babies, the intended parents and the surrogate. We carefully interview and fully vet our intended parents as well as potential surrogates before facilitating any surrogacy arrangement, then work to match intended parents and surrogates whose personalities, needs and expectations are fitted.