For many people, the process of creating a family via surrogacy is both exciting and overwhelming.

Here is a brief step-by-step synopsis of what you can expect, every step of the way.



Newlife  conceptual begins with your very first meeting: We will meet with you in whatever setting is most convenient and comfortable for you a coffee house, restaurant or your own kitchen table or our office location if you desire a more formal setting. The focus of this first meeting is to inform you about the process, projected costs, resources available to you, and to make sure Newlife  is the right fit for you. No surprises, no unnecessary complications. We’ put ourselves  in your shoes, and we understand the importance of convenience, transparency and accurate information. We’ll also use this visit to learn about you, your life, your dreams for your family, and your expectations of donor, surrogate and us.


Once you feel fully informed and ready to embark on your journey to parenthood with NCL , we will ask you to sign and submit our retainer agreement along with a small, good-faith payment toward our agency fee. This formality will provide us with the legal standing to begin seeking professional services, donors and surrogates on your behalf.


Unless you have already selected an egg

or sperm donor or surrogate, our next step will be to identify donors and surrogates who are compatible with your personality, expectations and needs.

You will be required to send a wish list of traits you need in the donor or surrogate. Match profile of  donors or surrogate or both will be send to the intended couple.


  • The couple will undergo the following test:
  • screening for Hiv 1&2, Hepb ,vdrl
  • genotype and blood group
  • for couple with recurrent pregnancy lost donors and partner will undergo a karyotyping

 NCL’s recommended clinics, or a clinic or physician of your choice, will conduct medical screenings of donor and surrogate to ensure they are physically SUITABLE. The surrogate also will undergo a

  • Background Check,
  • Drug Screening
  • Infection Screening
  • Hysteroscopy
  • psychological screening.

In some cases, you also may undergo medical and/or psychological screening to make sure the match between intended parent(s), donor and surrogate is perfect.


Properly executed agreements between intended parents and egg or sperm donor and between intended parents and surrogate are essential to ensure the rights and obligations of each party are clear and legally documented. NCL will connect you with our legal team . you will be expected to pay  for funding of all expenses related to egg donor and surrogate compensation. Once your donor and/or surrogate is legally cleared by your attorney, the final 50% of our remaining agency fee is due.


Once proper legal agreements are in place, the surrogate and intended mother or egg donor are medically prepared for retrieval of eggs and in vitro fertilization. The egg donor or intended mother will be given medication to enhance egg production, her cycles closely monitored. The fertilization process typically takes about a month. Once one or more viable embryos are produced, a pregnancy is attempted.


The happy ending.  15days following the embryo transfer, the surrogate is given a blood test for pregnancy. Once the surrogate is pregnant, an ultrasound scan will be conducted to detect the baby’s heartbeat, usually 6 to 8 weeks into the pregnancy. With the positive ultrasound, the surrogate is later released to the care of her own OBGYN for the duration of the pregnancy. In the second trimester, you and your NCL team will begin planning for the surrogate’s hospitalization and the delivery of your healthy baby or babies. And remember, we’ll be there with you, every step of the way.

If you would like more information about options for creating a family via surrogacy and/or egg donation, please take a moment to fill out our easy online form, and one of our experienced team member will contact you.