How It Works

Finding the Right Surrogate

How It Works

The entire surrogacy process can be as quick as 11 months, but on average, it lasts approximately 15 to 18 months. You can expect the following steps:

1. Booking a Consultation

We’ll share the information you need to make the right decision.
Your 60-minute consultation will inform, inspire, and empower. You’ll learn more about our surrogacy program and surrogates, so you’ll know what to expect. All consultations are conducted via WhatsApp’s video call or at Lagos office. We can also have a consultation in the comfort of your home, if you are a high profiled individual.

2. Getting Started

We’ll make it easy to take the first step.
NEWLIFE CONCEPTUAL wants the beginning of the surrogacy process to be as simple as possible for you. We only require you to sign and return our retainer agreement with the initial retainer fee to join our program. Accepted payment types include cheques and Online Transfers.

3. Financial

All financial details will be discussed with You and necessary compensation forms signed. The cost of the fertility treatment, ante-natal and delivery will also be discussed. We have different financial packages tailored to individual budgets.
Our Payment plan are in 3 phases. You will be required to pay a 75% of the cost of phase 1, in other to continue further.

4. Admissions

We’ll get to know you.
The best way to match you with a surrogate is to get to know you, so we’ll have you complete a short online profile. You will also schedule an introductory meeting with our Case Specialist who will support you through the remainder of the process and will discuss next steps.
If you need an egg donor, we will also request the prominent features, you will require in your Egg donor and get a donor that matches your profile. We will be provided you with 3 different Donor profiles of already screened donors.
The same applies for Donor Sperm.

5. Meeting Your Surrogate

Our surrogates are fantastic, and we pride ourselves in ensuring they are physically, emotionally, and financially prepared for surrogacy.
Our screening process includes an extensive application, interviews, psychological evaluations.
Your surrogate will also undergo a medical examination by our invitro fertilization (IVF) specialist, which includes a transvaginal ultrasound, infectious disease screening and in some cases a hysteroscopy. Less than 1% of our surrogate applicants qualify to become a surrogate with NEWLIFE CONCEPTUAL.
Newlife Conceptual is the only Surrogacy agency that offers a picture as well as a detailed profile of your Gestational surrogate. The identity of our intended parents is protected from the surrogate.

6. Legal

Our legal team will work with you to discuss the legal aspects of surrogacy and the insurance of the surrogate is also discussed. After you’ve finished the legal portion of the process

7. The Medical Cycle

We’ll get your surrogate medically prepared.
We will then refer you to our team of Fertility Specialists. We only work with AFRH accredited hospitals in Nigeria. Due to the fact that fertility practices are not fully regulated yet in Nigeria, we will want to help in choosing the right fertility hospital for your treatment according to your budget.
NEWLIFE CONCEPTUAL limited can also work with your chosen fertility clinic but it has to be an AFRH accredited clinic and we will have to do our own investigation on the Clinic, that their practice is in line with best Practise.
Once your surrogate is medically cleared to proceed. and your surrogate is medically prepared for an embryo transfer, Our IVF specialist will provide a cycle calendar that outlines the date the embryo transfer will take place. Pregnancy results will come back 15 days following the embryo transfer procedure.
Note: We do not guarantee pregnancy of surrogate at first attempt but we will be there with you till we achieve our desired results.

8. The Home Stretch

We’ll be with you at delivery and beyond. We also partner with different standard mother and child hospital, also tailored to fit your budget. All with well experienced obstetrician and paediatrician in attendance.
We can also send our surrogate to your recommended hospital but it must be a mother and child hospital with an experienced obstetrician and paediatrician in attendance
After about 10weeks of pregnancy, our surrogate’s IVF specialist will release her to the obstetrician.
As the pregnancy enters its second trimester, we will prepare you, your surrogate, and for the delivery of your child. While the long wait is over, we will continue to provide support as needed for weeks after the delivery.

We recognize that a lot of questions may arise throughout your process, and we have an open-door policy where you can always come to our team for the answers you need. You’ll also have access to our blog to help answer your questions. Even after your child is born, you’ll be able to access articles about breast milk, talking to your child about surrogacy, and many other topics.

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