Surrogate Matching Process

Surrogate Matching Process

The compatibility of our surrogate mothers and intended parents is an important part of the surrogacy process at newlife conceptual. Our objective is to match surrogates and intended parents in an effort to create a comfortable environment for both parties and to foster an atmosphere of unity and teamwork. Before getting started, we encourage candidates to review our surrogate mother requirements.

It is of the utmost importance to us to identify your beliefs and desires and create a situation that would be ideal for you during your surrogacy programme.

Psychological Evaluation and Support

Once you have been matched with intended parents, you and your husband/partner will meet with a licensed mental health professionals for a comprehensive interview. You will also undergo psychological testing during the surrogate mother process as advised by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. All fees associated with the psychological screening and support are paid by the intended parents.

Medical Evaluation

Your medical records will be reviewed by an IVF physician. Once your records are reviewed and approved, you will meet with the IVF physician of the intended parents for a consultation and medical evaluation. You will undergo infectious disease screening, in addition to an ultrasound and vaginal cultures,you will also undergo a hysteroscopy . Your spouse/partner MUST be screened for infectious diseases as well. The medical evaluation is essential for the surrogate mother process to ensure a healthy pregnancy for you and the baby. All expenses related to the medical evaluation are paid for by the intended parents. A representative of newlife will be attending your appointment with you.

There are potential risks with all aspects of the surrogacy process: The medical process and procedures, infertility medications and, ultimately, pregnancy. We encourage all surrogate candidates to discuss these risks with their physician prior to enrolling in any surrogate program.
The Legal Process

The surrogacy contract is drafted by the newlife attorney. Once all parties have signed the contract, you are clear to start medications for the embryo transfer cycle as determined by the IVF physician. All fees associated with the legal process for being a surrogate mother are paid by the intended parents.

The Embryo Transfer Cycle

Once you have completed all aspects of the screening phase, the surrogate mother process continues with an embryo transfer cycle. You will be required to undergo multiple blood tests, injections (both subcutaneous and intramuscular), and vaginal ultrasounds throughout the embryo transfer cycle as well as the first 8-12 weeks of pregnancy. Some of the medications you may be prescribed are: Birth Control Pills, Lupron, Estradiol, and Progesterone. These medications will be reviewed with you in detail during your initial interview with NCL as well as during the medical evaluation with the IVF physician. You may be required to rest in bed for 2-3 days immediately following the embryo transfer.

The Final Step! Surrogate Pregnancy

Once you are pregnant, you will continue to see the IVF physician until being released to your obstetrician, generally around 10 weeks of pregnancy. You will be able to see your own OB, provided that he/she accepts your health insurance and all parties agree with this selection.