Surrogate Compensation

Surrogate Compensation

First of all, surrogacy should not be seen as an easy path to riches. Typically the compensation paid to a surrogate is about what someone would be paid to work a part-time job. Surrogacy compensation should not be considered as a sole source of income; if that is the case, surrogacy is not the “job” for you.

Having said that, the compensation paid to a surrogate may allow her to improve her or her family’s financial position, perhaps go back to school, put a down payment down on a house, or be a stay-at-home mom to her own young children.

A detailed breakdown of our surrogate compensation package will be provided by your surrogate coordinator

Expenses typically reimbursed under a surrogacy agreement include:
  1. Local travel to medical appointments, screenings, or fertility procedures
  2. Maternity clothing
  3. Feeding allowances
  4. Psychological support
  5. Pumping breast milk if required
  6. Required bed rest
  7. Required time off from work
  8. Legal fees related to surrogacy

Surrogacy should never be viewed simply as having a baby for money. A surrogate helps another to achieve something he or she has been yearning for: the joy of having a child. It might even change your life! You could help build a family from the ground up and be emotionally and financially rewarded in the process..