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NEWLIFE CONCEPTUAL LIMITED we are a leading   Infertility & Surrogacy Consultants in Lagos, Nigeria and Africa. we assist couples in managing the complex processes of starting a family or balancing them as the case may be through Assisted Conception.

To help our Couples in maximizing their chances of conceiving naturally, or through assisted conception options, we provide information, education, advisory services and treatment options that work best them.

We know Assisted Conception is a sensitive journey that includes countless uncertainties and concerns. Planned parenting is one of the most demanding processes you will ever face. It is a huge financial, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional investment.

The best way to prepare for it is to recognize these potential bumps in the road and choose a guide who can help navigate around them. No other agency adheres to such rigorous standards, offers her depth of experience, or works as closely with intended parents, egg donors and gestational surrogates as Newlife Conceptual.

We at Newlife Conceptual Limited believe that helping couples achieve their dream of becoming a parent Via ASSISTED CONCEPTION should be a stress-free process that is why we are offering our support service

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Mrs Joyce Adedotun

Mrs Joyce Adedotun

Clinical Embryologist/Executive Director

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Our brand-new reproductive center offers the latest fertility technology and comfort. We can help people with infertility and reproductive difficulties.

Fertility Preservation 85%
Egg Freezing 75%
Surrogacy 67%
Egg Donor 99%

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