it’s no secret, young women are compensated for  egg donation. it is important to clarify that you are not been paid for your Oocytes , But You will be compensated for your adherence to the doctor’s protocol, time, and risk .

The amount of egg donor compensation paid varies on a case-by-case basis.  Those egg donors who have previously cycled or who have exceptional qualities may be paid more egg donor compensation.

As an egg donor, your prospective parent is responsible for all egg donor costs and expenses incurred as a result of an egg donation cycle. All egg donor expenses are paid, includes

  • Egg Donor Compensation
  • Attorney Fees
  • Travel Expenses

For egg donors who have to travel, compensation is also provided for these expenses:

  • Airfare for the egg donor and a travelling companion
  • Hotel accommodations (shared room for egg donor and companion)
  • Ground transportation compensation