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We offer a wide range of treatments with particular emphasis on issues related to female conception.

As Infertility & Surrogate Consultants, we make it safer, easier and more enjoyable for individuals and couples, surrogates, donors and professionals to grow families through assisted reproduction. We explore a variety of different fertility treatment options that could help you conceive. We provide a full-service, hands-on approach. Client service is our number one priority. We do not cut corners. With partnering clinics locations throughout the country including Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Warri, Benin and India. we are able to offer ideal locations for coordinating the egg donation process in both domestic and international donor arrangements.



Whether you are dealing with male infertility problems, female infertility issues, or a combination of male and female infertility concerns, our fertility treatments and options might help you get pregnant.

Thanks to modern medical science, a number of infertility treatments and options are currently available to help you conceive, including the following:


Fertility Drugs

Fertility Preservation


In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI)

Timed Intercourse

Other options for those with fertility problems include the following:

EGG DONATION: For women who are unable to get pregnant with their own eggs but would like to become pregnant and give birth to a child.


SPERM DONATION: For women who their partner lacks sperm, has a low sperm count, poor sperm quality or has a genetic disorder that you are concerned about passing on to your children. Also, if you are a single woman or in a lesbian relationship.

GESTATIONAL CARRIER ARRANGEMENTS (SURROGACY): For individuals and couples who are unable to, or choose not to, conceive on their own


 PGS. Treatment

  Micro-sperm Sorting


We can also offer our assistance in transporting your frozen gamete (frozen sperm & frozen embryos) from one centre to another, both locally and internationally.



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    How much is the total package for surrogacy?

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    I want to apply to b a surrogate mother. How can I go about it

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